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Our goal is to provide our clients with a healthy, versatile retriever with a great temperament who is well suited for field work, service work, and as loving, loyal, lifetime companion. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied and we are always striving for making improvements and trying our very best to produce excellent retrievers in each of our litters.


Improving the Breed is Our Top Goal

Like many of our clients we have long loved the Labrador retriever breed. The Labrador retriever has proven to be one of the most versatile of all the breeds. It is not surprising that year after year this is the most popular breed. Unfortunately, the great popularity has led to some poor practices by some breeding operations resulting in some serious health issues that are now prevalent with the breed. We did a great deal of research before deciding to start our breeding program and we are completely committed towards advancing the breed and producing top dogs with each of our litters. We want each of the dogs coming from our litters to possess good health, high intelligence, great temperament, and a passion and drive for working in the field or in a service role.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Any sire or dam used in our breeding program has an OFA hip rating of good or excellent, an OFA elbow rating of normal, an OFA eye rating of clear and has been DNA tested to be clear of EIC (exercised induced collapse), CNM (centronuclear myopathy), PRA (progressing retinal atrophy), and D Locus (color dilution gene).  Our girls all have OFA CHIC numbers and have all their health certifications on the OFA registry.

We have dew claws removed and have first vaccines and de-wormer administered by our highly recognized vet.  All our puppies get three visits to our vet while with us.

We guarantee your pup against inherited hip or elbow dysplasia and inherited ocular disease for 30 months from the date of birth.



Striving for Excellence

We strive to breed labs with the following traits:

1. Great temperament - a true companion and family member;

2. Intelligent - capable of learning obedience and new skills quickly;

3. Excellent conformation - meets the standards for this great breed;

4. Desire to work - eager and willing to do his/her job from retrieving game to working as a service dog;

5. Loyal and loving  

December 2023 Litter

FC AFC Rex x MHR-I Georgie MH - Repeat

This was a repeat of the breeding that produced our January 2023 litter.  We have received great feedback on the puppies from the January 2023 litter and therefore wanted to repeat the same breeding.  This litter was a little smaller with only six puppies but they were all very healthy, active, and beautiful.  Two of the puppies went to proven competition homes and we are excited to follow their progress.  Both Rex and Georgie advanced in their own careers between the two litters.  Rex added additional wins and placements and Georgie earned her NAHRA MHR title and received a qualifying score at the 2023 NAHRA Invitational.  We are considering one last breeding between Rex and Georgie particularly if we continue to receive positive feedback on the puppies from the both the January 2023 and December 2023 litters.


January 2023 Litter

FC AFC Rex x Georgie MH

This was Georgie's first litter.  Rex already had proven offspring.  These two dogs play different games but are both very fast and exciting competitors. Rex will continue to run in field trial events in 2023 and Georgie will be branching out to hopefully also run in NAHRA and HRC hunt tests.  There were five male puppies (four black and one yellow) and three female puppies (two yellow and one black) in the litter.  The puppies ended up in seven different states (ND, IN, TX, NC, VA, DE, and MD).  Five of the puppies went to proven competition homes and we are excited to follow their careers.  The early feedback on the puppies has been great and we are hoping to repeat this breeding

April 2022 Litter

Tanner SH x Dixie SH

This was Dixie's final litter and the first litter for Tanner.  These are two wonderful dogs who frequently train together.  Tanner and Dixie will both be running in MH tests in 2022.  Dixie has two MH passes from 2021.  There were five male puppies (one black and four yellow) and three female puppies (all yellow) in the litter.  Two of the male puppies are scheduled for training with Can Do Kennels later this year with the goal of running in AKC hunt tests.  Several of our other clients are planning to use their puppies for hunting and all the puppies have found wonderful placements.


November 2020 Litter

Whistler JH x Dixie JH - Repeat

This was another very successful litter with five males (all black) and three females (one yellow and two black).  Six of the puppies stayed in Maryland and two went to Virginia.  The majority of the puppies are wonderful family pets.  One of the puppies is training to run in HRC tests, one of the puppies has an AKC JH title, two NAHRA Intermediate passes and will be running AKC SH and more NAHRA Intermediate tests in 2022, and one of the puppies has already had a successful hunt season.

March 2020 LITTER

Whistler JH x Dixie JH

This was another very successful litter with three males (one yellow and two black) and three females (one yellow and two black).  Three of the puppies stayed in Maryland, two went to Pennsylvania, one went all the way to Connecticut.  One of the female puppies has earned an AKC SH title is running MH tests in 2022.  Another one of the female puppies has had two very successful hunting season.  All of the puppies ended up in wonderful homes.


Major MH x Dixie JH

This was a very successful litter with 10 puppies, 5 males and 5 females, all black.
These labs are now 4 1/2-years old and doing great.  Many of the pups stayed on the Eastern Shore but two went to a wonderful family in CT and one went to another great family in NJ.  Many of these labs are both hunting companions and family members.  One of labs earned an AKC SH title and has produced two litters with another breeder on the Eastern Shore.


Hunter JH x Dixie JH

This was a small litter with two yellow labs (one male and one female) and one black female lab.  These labs are all 5 1/2 years old and all are doing very well.  One of labs is a super active local gun dog and one of the labs has an AKC SH title.  The third lab is doing great as a family companion on the Western Shore of MD.

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We strive to place the puppies from our litters with owners who are seeking a companion with which to form that special bond.  We hope to see all our puppies used in a vocation whether as a hunting companion, a trials competitor, a service dog, etc. and become a treasured member of their new family.


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