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Deposits and Selection Process

We ask our clients to specify a gender and color when placing a deposit.  Deposits are fully refundable up until the breeding takes place.  Deposits are not refundable if the litter includes a puppy of the gender and color specified.

We ask each of our clients to tell us what they are looking for in a puppy and future plans for the puppy, e.g., plan to campaign the puppy, plan to hunt with the puppy, plan to have as a family pet, etc.  As the breeders, we will recommend puppies for each client based on the information provided by the client.  We observe and study the behavior of each puppy in the litter for the seven weeks that they are with us so that we can identify puppies with the right characteristics for each of our clients.  The breeder will set the final selection order based on multiple factors.  The order in which deposits are received is only one of the factors taken into account.  For example, the breeder reserves the right to have a proven competition home or proven service dog home select ahead of a pet home because of the special characteristics that are necessary for a competition or service dog.

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