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Shore Thing Girls' First NAHRA Senior Test

Dixie, Georgie, and Willow all ran their first NAHRA Senior hunt test this past weekend. The test was in Heidlersburg, PA and was hosted by the Northern Piedmont Retriever Club. The girls ran in the tests on Saturday and Sunday. In the past, the girls have primarily run in AKC hunt tests. Based on just this one experience, we found the NAHRA hunt test to have more realistic hunting scenarios than those we have been presented in the AKC hunt tests. The NAHRA test includes a land series and water series but in place of the land/water series are upland and trail series (a total of four series). Georgie and Willow really love the upland series. Dixie likes it but is much more methodical in her approach to finding a bird to flush in the upland series. For this test we are awarding third place to Georgie who crashed in the first series on Saturday but qualified on Sunday, second place to Dixie who qualified on Saturday and ran all fours series on Sunday picking up all her birds but came up short on points and first place to the youngster Willow who qualified on both Saturday and Sunday. We want to first thank God for this wonderful opportunity and for keeping us all safe, we want to also thank the Northern Piedmont Retriever Club for hosting such a great event and thank all the judges and workers and send out a special thank you to Larry Housman who introduced us to the NAHRA tests and helped us train and prepare for the test. If you have never run or seen a NAHRA test, we encourage you to check it out.

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