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Dixie Earns Her First Senior Hunter Pass at 7!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Dixie is the reason we decided to launch Shore Thing Labs. Dixie produced her first litter in 2016 when she was 2-years old. She produced her second litter the following year. She had a very brief stay with a trainer when she was about 6-months old and the initial feedback was that she was a nice dog but not cut out for competition. All of her training since then has been primarily with me, a total novice amateur. In 2017 we were blessed to get linked up with Tim and Janel Mumford of Can Do Kennels. Tim and Janel helped us with obtaining access to a wonderful sire for Dixie's second litter. Once we she had that litter, Tim helped me get Dixie ready for her first Junior Hunter test when she was 4-years old. Dixie quickly earned her JH title in 2018 and Tim and Janel helped us find our next dog Georgie who we brought home in 2018. At the end of 2018, I had a significant health event and as a result Dixie's competition and breeding career got put on hold. Dixie produced two great litters in 2020 and Tim encouraged us to go ahead and try Dixie at a Senior Hunt test in 2021. We signed Dixie up for one of the Senior Hunter tests at the Neuse River Spring 2021 Hunt test. Dixie was 7-years old at that point, had whelped four very successful litters, and was a grandmother. I didn't know what to expect but when I opened her box she came out with her game face on and was suddenly a three-year old again. She was clean on all her marks, had one whistle on each of her blinds, and got compliments from the judges. We were extremely proud of her. We are breeding her one more time with Whistler (the sire for her third and fourth litters) and are planning for a late 2021 or early 2022 litter. She is a very special dog and we are extremely thankful to Levin and Nancy Van Sant, her breeders and of course to our wonderful trainers and dear friends Tim and Janel Mumford.

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