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Dixie (Mom) and Willow (Daughter) Have a Good Weekend in Springboro, PA

Dixie participated in her fifth Senior Hunter stake at the Presque Isle Retriever Club Hunt Test held in Springboro, PA on 8/15/2021 and earned her forth qualifying score and as a result her Senior Hunter title. Dixie is a special girl having only participated in four Junior Hunter stakes in 2018 as a four-year old (after whelping litters in 2016 and 2017) and then after whelping two more litters in 2020, participated in five Senior Hunter stakes in 2021 as a seven-year old. She has been bred with three different males and everyone has been very pleased with the puppies from each of her four litters. Dixie will be bred with Whistler who was the sire or her last two litters, one more time in late 2021. This will be Dixie's last litter. There are currently four puppies reserved from this litter. We are still taking additional reservations for this upcoming litter. Willow who is 9-months old, is from Dixie and Whistler's last litter. She participated in her third Junior Hunter stake at the same test and earned her third qualifying score so she is one qualifying score away from earning her Junior Hunter title. Willow is a beautiful 69 pound black lab female who we are hoping will eventually be part of our breeding program. Thanks to God, the Presque Isle Retriever Club, to our great trainers, Tim and Janel Mumford of Can Do Kennels, and to Dixie's breeders Levin and Nancy Van Sant.

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