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Dixie x Tanner Litter Whelped on 4/8/2022

Our Dixie x Tanner litter was whelped on 4/8/2022. There are four yellow males, three yellow females, and one black male. One of the yellow females is very small but hanging in there so far. Six of the puppies are already reserved. We definitely have one yellow male still available. The number of yellow puppies was surprising to say the least. Tanner is a beautiful "Fox Red" yellow lab and the yellow puppies do appear to all have red in their puppy coat. Dixie is very experienced and is doing a great job with her puppies. She is very attentive and only leaves the puppies long enough for quick trips outside. This is Dixie's fifth and final litter and she has really spoiled us. We are planning on breeding our "Fox Red" yellow lab Georgie on her next heat cycle which will hopefully be later this year. Georgie needs one pass for her Master Hunter title so we have our fingers crossed that she can earn that title before her next heat cycle. You can see the pedigrees for Dixie and Tanner on our puppies page. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving the available yellow male puppy from this litter or would like information about our upcoming breeding.

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