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Gary Excels in His First Hunting Season

Gary is one of the black males from our November 2020 Whistler x Dixie litter. We were so excited to get a recent update from his owner who is an active hunter. Gary was just one years old in November 2021 but has already completed his first successful hunting season. He is a beautiful, healthy, and happy retriever and we are so proud of him and so thankful he is a member of such a wonderful family. His owner sent us the following message along with pictures from his first hunting season:

Just wrapping up my first hunting season with Gary! He has just been phenomenal. As the first dog I trained, I was a little worried but what I lacked he has picked up the slack. He is steady, doesn't whine, and is a machine in the water. At home he is loving, calm, and just wonderful.

Dixie was recently bred and if the breeding was successful, the puppies will be born at the beginning of April. We are hoping for more dogs like Gary in this upcoming litter ( Please email us at or call us at 443-235-3672 for more information about this upcoming litter.

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