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Moonshine Excels in Her Second Hunting Season

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Moonshine is the only yellow female from our March 2020 Whistler x Dixie litter. We were so excited to get a recent update from her owner who is an active hunter. Moonshine will be just two years old next month but has already had two successful hunting seasons. She is a beautiful, healthy, and happy retriever and we are so proud of her and so thankful she is a member of such a wonderful family. Her owner sent us the following entry from his group's hunting log that was written by another member of the group:

Set up by noon in hopes the birds might move mid-day but no such luck. Nothing moving at all but for ducks trading between spots out in the marsh. Decided to walk to B blind. We tried to approach quietly but with no wind the birds flushed before we could shoot. We were surprised by how much open water there was in front of the blind. Within a few minutes a pair returned and we dropped one. We stayed for an hour and had two more groups come in despite the fact we didn't have any decoys out. Just calling them, we shot three more. One bird fell across the ditch. Moonshine swam across the ditch and scaled three feet of sheer vertical bank to get up. She found the bird among the heavy grass and returned to our side. Truly the most amazing retrieve I have experienced.

Dixie was recently bred and if the breeding was successful, the puppies will be born at the beginning of April. We are hoping for more dogs like Moonshine in this upcoming litter ( Please email us at or call us at 443-235-3672 for more information about this upcoming litter.

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