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Murphy is Training Hard to Run at HRC Tests in 2022

Murphy is one of the two black females from our November 2020 Whistler x Dixie litter. We were so excited to get a recent update from her owners who are planning to run her in HRC tests in 2022. Murphy was one years old in November 2021 and recently completed a round of professional training in NC. She is a beautiful, healthy, and happy retriever and we are so proud of her and so thankful she is a member of such a wonderful family. Her owners indicated that she was doing great and was an excellent student. Her professional trainer sent a great picture that we have included in this post.

Dixie was recently bred and if the breeding was successful, the puppies will be born at the beginning of April. We are hoping for more dogs like Murphy in this upcoming litter ( Please email us at or call us at 443-235-3672 for more information about this upcoming litter.

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