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Puppies are Five Weeks Old and Had Visits from New Families

The puppies were five weeks old on 5/13/2022. They are getting bigger and more bold. They are spending more and more time outside even with the rainy cold weather. They had visits this weekend from four of their new families and loved all the attention. All but one of the puppies have a new home lined up. There is one available yellow male who wears the light blue collar (first two pictures). He is beautiful and has red in his coat and has a wonderful temperament. They are doing well using their litter pans and learning to go to the bathroom outside. They are more and more excited about their kibble but take every opportunity to get momma's milk when she will allow it. They are quite rough on her at this point. Dixie actually did a little bit of training the last few days and seemed to really enjoy her brief time away from the puppies.

Please contact us if you would like additional information about the one available puppy - or 443-235-3672.

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