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Puppies Are One Week Old

The puppies in our Dixie x Tanner litter are now one week old! Our small yellow female is still hanging in there and has been gaining some weight. Dixie is doing a great job with the puppies as usual. The one black puppy is the biggest puppy at this point but several others are not far behind. Five of the puppies have topped two pounds and all the puppies are getting quite proficient at moving around the whelping box. We still have one yellow male puppy available - To all of you who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter to you and your families. In our family we typically get to celebrate Easter twice and this year we will be celebrating "American" Easter tomorrow and celebrating "Greek" Easter next Sunday. This will be the first Easter in several years when we will be able to get together with extended family which is very exciting. Please contact us with any questions you have about the puppies or our future litters.

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