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Puppies are Three Weeks Old and Had a Busy Week

The puppies turned three weeks old on 4/29/2022 and are all doing well. They had their second vet visit on their three-week old birthday and all of them checked out great. We still have the one very small female puppy but the other seven puppies have an average weight between them of about 4.5 pounds. They all now have their eyes and ears open and are definitely becoming more mobile and focal. The baby teeth are starting to come in and so they will be starting on some mushy kibble and water this week. A few of them were trying to figure out how to escape from their whelping box so we just removed the whelping box with the help of our great son-in-law and transitioned over to a play yard with a kennel still in our living room for the upcoming week. One of our daughters and her four children came and spent the night with us on the puppies three-week old birthday and as you can imagine the puppies got a lot of attention and socialization. Our other daughter and son-in-law and their two children stopped by today and helped us transition over from whelping box to play yard and kennel along with giving the puppies more attention and socialization. Dixie was very accommodating and seemed to enjoy the distraction the kids provided for the puppies. The last picture in the gallery are our other two female labs Georgie, a 3-year old "Fox Red" yellow lab and Willow, a 17-month old black lab who is from our last litter. They were feeling left out so we told them we would include their picture in this post. We are blessed to have the best trainers ever, our dear friends Tim and Janel Mumford of Can Do Kennels in Selbyville, DE and for the month of May, Georgie and Willow will be in their great care as the puppies are going to take a lot more of our time.

We still have one yellow male puppy available. Please contact us if you would like additional information about the remaining available puppy.

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