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Puppies are Two Weeks Old

The puppies were two weeks old on Friday 4/22/2022. They are all doing very well and now are opening their eyes and starting to try to get up on all four legs. Dixie barely has time to get settled in the box before they are on her. I keep telling her to stay our of the corner but you can see in a couple of the pictures she wasn't fast enough and they trapped her. One of the pictures shows the two larger yellow female puppies laying together (pink and purple collars). The large black male puppy and the little yellow female puppy are easy to spot so they don't wear collars. The little yellow female puppy is finally over the one pound mark. The black male puppy is the largest puppy and he is now over four pounds. Those two puppies can often be found snuggled together as if the big brother is taking care of his baby sister. That being said when it is time to eat, all bets are off. There is still one yellow male puppy available. Please contact us if you are interested in additional information.

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