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Shore Thing Girls Have a Great Weekend

Our girls traveled to Mexico, NY to participate in the Finger Lakes July 2021 Hunt Test. Georgie was with our great pro trainer Tim Mumford and earned another MH qualifying score putting her one pass away from an MH title. Dixie and Willow were both with Tom and Dixie earned another SH qualifying score putting her one pass away from a SH title and Willow earned her very first JH qualifying score. We are super proud of all three girls. It was rainy the first day but cleared up for day two. The facility was magnificent and we had a great time. Tim and Janel Mumford had a great weekend with their team and we can't thank them enough for all their great work with Georgie. A big plus for us was getting a chance to visit with our son and his family who live nearby in Rochester, NY. We still plan to breed Dixie again later this year and puppies will be ready around March 2022. We have four reservations so far on that litter.

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