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Willow Gets Her Second JH Qualifying Score

On Saturday, Willow ran at the Susquehanna July Hunt test in Greenwood, DE and earned another JH qualifying score putting her halfway towards hopefully earning a JH title. She ran and swam hard and actually overran her easier land mark but checked down and recovered quickly. Unfortunately for Dixie, her handler (me) was not up for the challenge on Sunday and let her get too far off the line on her land blind getting her dropped before she could even have a chance to make a go at the water series. I miscalculated how much faster Dixie runs at a test than she does in training and learned a lot today. At her next test, I will be much quicker on the whistle and take more time before casting. I can hear my pro-trainer's words now, "take your time, count to 2 or even 3 before giving the case". Ugg, very frustrating having Dixie get dropped on a relatively easy blind. I will be there for you next Dixie, don't you worry.

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